Boxing requires courage, discipline, dedication, focus and respect for others. It is a sport that anyone can participate in regardless of race, creed, gender, social or economic status.

Moss Sides youth face unique issues - territorial constrains, gang membership from an early age, fear of mistaken identity which can, in the worst case, prove to be fatal. By having the gym on the fire station and utilising our highly experienced coaches such as Nigel Travis, Kelvyn Travis, Bash Khaliq and Michelle Grizzle we intend to provide a positive influence to these groups through the discipline of boxing. Boxing increases self esteem, and can increase the respect that an individual gets from their peer group.

Although our project is a grass root initiative it is fully supported by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service who share the same objectives. The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is fully supportive of the work hat goes on in the boxing club. We are very supported off our senior management as well as the Fire Authority. The fire service provides support in governance and health and safety matters including risk assessments and training.

At present the project has been run on a goodwill basis relying on Nigel Travis who is a firefighter volunteering his time. Nigel is the Club Leader and he ensures, with the assistance of several volunteers, that all classes are facilitated and he ensures that our gym engages with the community on a daily basis. There are several highly motivated individuals who are involved with our club which allow us to function on a voluntary basis.