Moss Side is a socially and economically diverse suburb of Manchester, producing a youth culture where gang involvement and crime can be a threat amongst young people.

Local community leaders and groups such as, Mothers against Violence, Charisma, Reclaim, The Power House, local Church groups are also aware of the problems faced by these young people and are looking for long term meaningful activities that can engage and educate them with the aim of showing them alternatives and distracting them from the negative pathways they may encounter.

As fire fighters, and prior to our initiatives existence we experienced a negative attitude from some of these young people and recognised that our work can often be a direct result of the actions taken by disillusioned young people with low expectations of what life has to offer.

Our initiative is intended to form partnerships with these community groups and meaningfully engage with young people on a personal level so that they can recognise our long term commitment to them and the community; we intend to be role models whilst representing the organisation we serve.